by Perpetrator

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released April 6, 2016

- Engineered and Mixed by Troy Brady at Elevnth Records @eleventhrecords -
- Mastered by Jason Maas at Getaway Recording -
- Artwork by Rose Onyx - @roseonyx
- Logo and Design by Rory Machen - @raws_



all rights reserved


Perpetrator Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Bow Out
No Nothing left to do but bow out of this world.
The hollow dreams never spoken.
Reality is my nightmare.
I can't feel anything. Anymore.
Reality is my fucking nightmare

I am creating a cage to house my soul.
The gallows to help me fade to nothing.
Chains rusted into my bones.
They hold me steady.
To wallow in my own agony.
One look into my eyes.
That's where the fire's burning.

I see the fear in your eyes. Weighing down.
Letting go.
I feel so fucking weak
Let me fade away. I disappear.
Forget the pain.
The memories dissolve.

I'm not gonna start making empty promises.
Whilst I got a empty heart.
I can't break myself out of the prison I've build around me.
Let my body sink.
To the floor.
For only hell awaits me now.
Only hell awaits me now.
Track Name: Fast World
How many times do I have to explain.
I'm following my lights through this blackened life.
Every day I try to keep the struggle away.
Always someone lower has something to fucking say.

But it's the same old shit, I hear every day.
And unlike you I'm not afraid to fail.

Wear my scars so remember these lessons.
And I can be cast out on my own.
While you have no foundations to stand on.
You still try to tear me down to your miserable existence.

You can't pull me back in.
I see no threat.
While the world keeps spinning around..
You can't pull me back in.
I see no threat.
While the world keeps spinning around.
The world keeps spinning around you.

My mindset isn't going to change for you.
I'm not gonna sit around, feeling sorry for myself.
Fuck the naysayers.
Fuck the world.
I live life my own fucking way
My Way.
Track Name: Morality Check
Hear the death rattle call.
With the last words left unspoken.
Right before the curtain drops.
No one is singing your songs.
It's a morality check.
The time spent wrestling with ignorance.
Broke apart the ties between us.

Always so strong headed, strength pissed away.
And with so much left to say.
A brighter future stained grey and tearing at the seams.
Punishing us from beyond.
Still, still it hurts

Trying to live in the now, but all the while the clock ticks away.
The 24th hour strikes home and all is lost.
Inches from death.
The problem is you.
The problem is you.
The last throes of life.
The problem is you.
The problem is fucking you.
Track Name: Sinking In
I'm told I'm slipping away.
So I push back and say I don't need you.
Embraced in darkness,
Trapped within my own arrogance until I'm finally lost.
Putting my own hands around my throat.
I black out the brightness,

Im so sick, I'm so alone with love all around me.
I've turn my heart into a monster.
It devours all would care enough.
I burn hands of those who touch.

Staring at my feet and I'm hoping the ground never fades away.
Or I'm destined to fall into my snake pit.
I am constricted.
I grit my teeth and suffer the blight, still and quiet.
All the while, the poison seeps deep and I am numb.

Every day I chip away at myself.
Sculpting the beast inside of of me.
Barricades inside my own mind.
Look at me, can't you see.

I am imprisoned.

I black out the brightness. I embrace the darkness, I do everything I can to make myself feel hopeless.
I can only hope the ground never fades.
Forever housed in this cage. (Can't you see)
I can't break these chains.
I can't shake this pain.